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Wrexham AFC North America Shop – Wrexham North America

Welcome to the official North American Wrexham AFC merchandise store. This shop is the official North American apparel destination for Wrexham fans on this side of the pond. All orders ship from the US. The club also offers a UK based site that ships internationally, and includes the ever elusive official Wrexham jersey/kit.  Below are some additional resources as you continue your Wrexham journey.

Want more from Wrexham?

Can't get enough of Wrexham? There are many other ways to get involved in our community including supporting our Women's team, visiting our town to see a game, and enjoying the local sites.

A common question we receive is "can I buy jerseys on the site"? If you are looking to buy jerseys, they are exclusively sold on Wrexham's UK based club site, but check back in the future as we're making the Wrexham Shop a holistic destination for all things Wrexham.